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LOL!!! I love it! Have you ever put cinnamon in the chili by accident?

Maybe somebody can tell me how to put italics in my txt files like you did. Mine were lost!
This made me laugh. I don't have a cold, but my nose suddenly felt stuffed up as I read her dialogue. :o)

Even though I saw the ingredient situation coming I still laughed when it happened.

One thing to consider...I kindof stumbled over the introductory lines...I don't think it would take anything away from your story if you took it out. Instead, maybe start with the husband's dialogue? Just a thought.
Well done. Really humorous. I enjoyed your article.
Very cute and well-written! You had me all the way...I think I was too tired to realize the ingredient mix up until later. :)
This is priceless, and I laughed out loud at "It by tupid addergies." Top notch!
Wonderful. However did you figure how to "write" what people sound like when they are all stuffed up? Very clever. Good job.
I liked it. It was a nice light hearted entry.
Well written and very funny. I could see the end coming but you made it enjoyable with the water fight and pie spills!
I tot dis owd das witten bery well. ;-)

Made me laugh! The dialogue moved it right through and you treated us readers as adults by not spilling the beans early ... letting us figure it out for ourselves.

Well done. You'll probably place with this one.
Enter a contest. Clever take on the topic and I loved the story! Good job.
This is cute and well written! Although I figured it out pretty quickly, I really liked the sneak adding her dream sequence.

Just enough character studies to get a handle on even the judge's prejudice very nicely.
I have to admit I was a bit satisfied to visualize Mayor Higgin's major discomfort! (That cad! Voting for his wife!) Loved the ending! What fun!