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Oh my. I can't believe no one has commented on this.
Undoubtedly, there will be comments talking about grammar, spelling, and such like technicalities. Those are Nothing. They matter Not At All.
All that matters is the message you have portrayed. The hope you have shown. Truly you have heard from God, and I thank you for sharing your deep heart.
I feel prompted to ask you, is this your story? It is so deep, so real. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I have a story that may tie in with this, that happened in the life of a close friend, this touches me deeply. Thank you.

God bless,

Besides some grammer mistakes, your words are powerful. I even liked how her Mom even seemed to escape. Nice Job.
The grammatical mistakes did not detract in the slightest from the powerful emotions, and both the 'diary' style and the pared down language helped give the meaning the extra emotional power. God bless.
Most poignant part- "diary of a girl always seen". absolutely fantastic- grammer isn't important when your words mean so much. God really works through this writing.
I rarely finish a story with grammar and spelling errors, but yours kept me sitting on the edge of my chair all the way through! I hoped she would get out...I'm glad she did. Your message was loud and clear. Great job!
Sorry everyone for the mistakes!! I wrote this in notepad instead of word, at night. I missed them when I checked it. Also my outline did not copy the same. Thank you for overlooking them and responding so strongly. I wrote this story because this is the ministry my family is going into. So many girls/guys have this story in the innercities of America. God bless all of you!
Wow! This is the reason for the Union Gospel Missions, the Street Level Ministries, and the Pacific Garden Missions of the world! Good job showing the need out there!
I, for one, don't think you necessarily have to correct all the typos, just a few.For instance, the line "Iwas hugged and accepted into my mew family."
This is, after all, a "diary", and should be written as the diarist would write.
A story that should move Christians to action, if only to donate more freely of time and money to ministries that help the homeless and hurting! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
Wow! This is the reason for the Union Gospel Missions, Street Level Ministries, and Pacific Garden Missions of the world!
This "diary" is very effective written as is. I would change a few of the typos, but not all. This is, after all, a "diary", and because it is meant for only the writer's eyes, would not be written formally.
The message is one that should move Christians to action unless they have no eyes or ears to see or listen!
An excellent entry from title to hope at the end!
Thank you so much for sharing!