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Really cute and great humor!! I never looked at the differences this way:) Gotta agree with you! Nice writing. It flowed just perfectly.
At first I thought it was the female gender writing; then mid-way through I knew it was male; however, I liked the humor aspect, the typical male "drop-out" when it comes to Spring Cleaning, chores, etc. And it was a very entertaining read, which is what a reader is looking for (and a writer strives for) but where does the "hare" come in? Well written!
I enjoyed you humour!
I love your sense of humor, but fishing is not exclusive to the male half. I love fishing but can't convince my husband that we should get a couple of licenses let alone the fishing gear to do so.
Your title must refer to the Easter bunny; I was a little confused about that at first. I have to admit, though, that the title catches the reader's attention. Great job at a new take on 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.' (Is that the title?) Keep writing!
Very enjoyable. I love a good humor piece, and I enjoyed your style. You remind me of one of my favorite authors, Patrick McManus. Thanks for sharing, and God bless.

Yeppers. I love fishing too...but I'm a chick. So that makes it weird... LOL I grew up fishing.

ANYHOO...this was so much fun to read! Looking forward to more of this!
Okay, I'm obviously out-numbered here, but in the interest of honest critique, I'll lay it all out there. Although there's some good humour in there, overall I don't find machismo to be very funny. Also, Halloween and winter aren't associated with each other. I do have to give you points for grabbing me with your title, though. I love a great title, and this is indeed a GREAT one!
I love pieces like this--written with an authentic voice, and funny to boot. Well done.
I enjoyed your article. I liked the transitions from winter to spring and I'm with
you - I love spring!
I love reading pieces like this and you have a great one here. Made me smile.
Great title and loads of fun!
Great job!!! Congratulations on your win! Very funny. You've definately got a lot of talent.
I really enjoyed this piece. It's well-written, creative, and funny! I now know who to read when I need my weekly laugh (since I searched out your other submissions and got a kick out of those, too.) Congrats on the win. I Look forward to the next piece!
Congrats on a very well written piece. I enjoyed reading it.