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What a neat picture you drew. Your description was great - I could feel myself there. Nicely done.
A beautiful, sensitive, layered story. To me it speaks of childlike faith, shy and tentative yet also bold, knowing we are undeserving yet still wanting and receiving total acceptance. Yeggy
This was very good. Thank you for sharing.
I love the image of the embroidery. You've woven this tale with great skill!
A touching perspective. Thank you for writing this.
I like it! The description was great. I could feel the shame as the young girl presented her gift that she felt was unworthy. Good job:)
A wonderful rendition of God's perspective. And that's the only one that counts. Good writing!
Beautiful! I loved the way you told this story and the message you conveyed. Well done! An excellent piece for your first time in Level 2.
I've got chills - this was so beautiful! Wonderful!!!
Wow, why are you writing at this level, for that matter at any level, this is beyond the scope of a challenge. Thank you, I truly enjoyed reading this work.
I type this through my's beautiful! It was one of the best, but I agree that you DO need to work on the typo's, they blotched an otherwise terrific story!
Denise, Beautiful. I too shed a tear and my heart was there with the girl the whole time. Really well done!
I just LOVE the transformation of the girl and the handiwork from the beginning to the end of the piece. It is so touching. I love your analogies. Like her hair being of black volcanic glass. This is EXCELLENT!
It is imperative that I make a second Review, (for personal reasons) to this Author. Fantastic! Supurb! and beautifully written! Tops in my book!