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Good story with a powerful message. Great reminder of what God did for us. Amen.

God Bless~
This is a nice devotion with some great household hints thrown in too. I could relate to the MC as I've done the same thing before.

I think if I were to suggest anything it might be the opening paragraph. I know you were setting up the back story but I'm not sure if that first paragraph is really needed.I'd hate to have anyone skip over this delightful devotion. Perhaps if you started with more of a grabber like I looked to the house and saw smoke billowing out the window. Then maybe back track a bit and explain how and why the house was full of smoke.

I do like how you share a personal experience and then take the reader into a Biblical lesson. You do that like a pro with smooth transitions and the message doesn't come off as preachy. I also think you did a nice job of showing instead of telling. Overall you presented an interesting devotion that was a pleasure to read. Nice job.
I didn't know about adding vinegar to water with boiling eggs. Good tip and nice story!
Thanks for sharing some of the uses of vinegar. I will definitely experiment when I boil eggs the next time. Good story.

God bless!
You did a good job of telling your story. I agree that the first paragraph may not be needed.

I use vinegar for many things in my house. It cleans well, it is a disinfectant and it is cheaper than the fancy cleaners advertisers rave about. You can make a paste of vinegar and salt for scrubbing.

I like the content of the article and the message. Thanks for sharing.
Very descriptive with a light touch continually coming through the experiments and the discoveries, and a strong devotional close.
Cute story. I too would be one to leave the eggs boiling on the stove. Glad vinegar came to your rescue.
Great story about the use of vinegar while boiling eggs. I like the way you tied in your devotion at the end to illustrate the way God cleans us up from our sins.
Congrats. God bless~