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This is so funny, and I love the Italian beat: Mama Mia, love that pizza... Mama Mia, help me, Jesus!
This is adorable and hysterical at the same time. You had me grinning from the first line. Though only thing I would change is the word got to have so it would be grammatically correct. But that's just one of my little hang-ups and probably most people wouldn't notice or care. I think you have quite the flair fro writing fun poems. The ending was a hoot to and a nice message about paying the consequences for craving such junk food. Though it's often worth the heartburn. :)
What a cute, fun poem!! :D It surely does show how an excess of "junk food" does have uncomfortable consequences, though! I'm craving a big piece of VEGGIE pizza right now! :) Great job!
Loved the rhythm, loved the reality and the levity ... and I could go for some pizza now too!
Congratulations Lynn! This was cute and witty!
Congratulations! Happy Dance!! I look forward to seeing you in level three!!
Congratulations! I didn't get much reading done last this week and missed this. Great writing, and well deserved placement.
I was unable to read the entries last week due to overload of issues, glad I got to read it now. Nicely done. So happy for you Lynn. Fantastic job with your blue ribbon.

God Bless~
Fun and cleverness all wrapped up in pizza dough :-)well done you poetry maven!