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I love this. I'm so glad Jesus rose from the grave and is coming soon, although his death for sin's debt was so cruel.
Did not our hearts burn within us... The road to Emmaus--a flashpoint of revelation for these two men. One of my favorite Bible stories. Good job.
Thank you for retelling the story of the road to Emmanus. We serve an amazing and loving God. I enjoyed this very much.
Such a natural voice. Really well done.
You did a great job showing how the dialog must have gone on that day. It was interesting and I enjoyed every bit of it.
Excellent writing, and superb use of the topic.

My only nitpick is that when you're re-telling a very familiar story, you really need to find some very fresh angle.

Good job on the voice, the atmosphere, the setting.
The desrciptions and settings are wonderful. You did a good job keeping the conversation natural sounding, too.
Excellent! I enjoyed the retelling of this story. How I would have loved to be walking on that road when Jesus reappeared. But we will see Him in all His glory someday. May that be soon!