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Sci-fi. Interesting to say the least. I love how you used a holograph and your dialog with Addison was great. You made your point very well. Thank you for a very interesting story.
I like your story! It is interesting and different. I especially like the ending lesson about focusing on others instead of self. That is exactly what God tells us to do. Good job!
This is a great story. You had me riveted and holding my breath throughout. I could see you develop this into a series or even a comic book.

You had a couple of typos once your should be you're and you left the apostrophe off won't. But those are editing details that can be fixed.

I loved your idea and thought it was super creative. You also had a fresh take on the topic. Great job!
Smoothly written and believably unbelievable.
Technology plus the core of the human heart makes for wonderful and fresh reading.
Now there's a different face to face encounter.
I love the science fiction aspect of this, and your MC was a very engaging person.

I think the dashes were to indicate dialogue with a hologram--am I right? The dashes were somewhat distracting; I wonder if italics would have worked better. And I have to question the job offer at the end--a bit hasty, perhaps?

This is extremely clever and out of the box, and you get applause from this sci-fi lover.
I agree--this is out of the box and great to read. I also agree that the dashes were a bit distracting. I'm not normally a sci-fi lover but I enjoy a good story no matter what genre it is and this is a good and interesting story.
I love how unique this entry was...great "out of the box" thinking.