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You can feel right along with the writer. Well done.
Your MC comes across as a troubled soul whose pain reaches the reader.
Boy, I hope this is not based on someone you know. Obviously the writing was good because it drew the reader in, the content however was the saddest thing I have ever read. Ashamed to be a Christian? That is truly sad. Christianity is not an outward thing, it is personal intimate and it's because of that intimacy others are drawn because they want what we have. Remember the saying; Be careful how you represent, you may be the only Bible that someone reads.
good writing and a very emotive peice.
Such a sad story. I hope it is not a true story because if you feel ashamed by what others think how can you be effective for the furtherance of the Gospel? It is not about us but about God.
Thank you for seeing so transparent with your emotional and spiritual struggles. The honesty in this little essay is sharp and biting.
the inner dialogue is clear. the inner heart of the MC is plain. i think every Christian has gone through this at one point or another. i can totally identify. nicely done.