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Whoever left the comment on private messenger please post it here. I do not have private messenger. Thank you.
This was an absolute hoot! Very cleverly written! Laura
Poor dog! How awful for him to feel no one truly understands his dilemma.
Very entertaining. I always know when a storm is coming because our dog "speaks". Good job.
I like it from the dogs point of view, clever! I just wonder though wheter a dog would really surive being stuck by lightening especially when attached by a metal aircraft cable. I know many farm animals do die shetering under trees or by wire fences.
Maybe the surival was a true miracle!
Kiev was a real dog. He belonged to my collage pastor. He was out of town a friend was dog-sitting when it happened. A group of us were playing cards downstairs the pastor lived upstairs. The lower two floors were student space. The one who brought the dog in after the thunder hit him did come in later and tell us why Kiev was so upset while hearing the thunder. It was a true story I took the liberty of telling it from Kiev's point of view.
Very cleverly written. Poor Kiev. It made me want to hold him. My little Chorkie becomes a vibrator when thunder rumbles and if she see lightening she nearly has a heart attack. She starts to pant and shakes from head to toe. God was with Kiev. Thanks for sharing.
I didn't know that dogs could type! A very imaginative story from the dog's point of view.