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Lots of good humor in here. Very quirky with the Biblical and modern references mixed. I laughed at the "kitchen with plenty of slaughtering space". Now, there's a picture. LOL
I really liked this. The humor you used is the type of humor that I really enjoy reading.

I liked some of the modern references, including "Ed McMahon." The only thing that confused me was the time period in which Noah's wife was speaking. I thought you had said it was 100 years after the ark was built, but then that wouldn't have made the modern references work. I kept thinking that this was his wife talking from Heaven or something. Anyways, it's probably just me overthinking things. I enjoyed the references regardless.

Thank you for sharing this. It was great getting to read a humorous story this week, :)
LOL funny! I enjoyed this story and your zany sense of humor. Joshua is right - you don't want to overthink this story. Just accept the message for what it is - faithfulness - on God's part as well as Noah's and his family.
I thought this story very, very humorous; however, the modern-day mixed with the ancient didn't exactly jive, if you know what I mean? But otherwise, very creative, and a laugh instead of a lump in my throat was a nice change of pace for me. Nice job! Enjoyed the lighter side of home. (*.*)! Kudos!