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I especially like the last paragraph--love really is a choice in so many situations. Good writing!
I can understand the feeling what it means to expect a lot from others, simply because we expect a lot from ourselves. In understanding God is perfect, we must also learn Man is not. What we deem as a considerate thing to do may sometimes be seen as imposing by others, so we must always be sensitive to one another, not to expect perfection while on this earth. I am still learning this. A story well written. Thank you for sharing.
You had a good idea here, but I just didn't feel like it came across the way you intended. "former church misinterpreted, and with which they hurt me deeply." Was this needed if you were not going to explain it?

I could feel the friction and I liked the dialogue between mother/daughter but I just needed something to pull together that and your last few paragraphs which had such a valuable message. "my heavenly Father as the only perfect person in my life and release my parents from the obligation."
That part really made me think. Thanks for sharing and keep writing!!
Love is indeed a choice! I like your last lines about it being a risk that God takes with us and that we take with each other. I especially liked how you showed the change of heart not just once, but twice, thrice throughout the story. It made it more real. ^_^
Alot of good stuff in this entry; everything from dog kennels, giving, lesson studies, algebra class, youth, and feelings between mother and daughter. Alot to digest in a short time - but very well written and I learned a few, new lessons myself. Thanks for sharing this bumpy ride through life...I enjoyed it and learned from it. Nicely done.