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Nice irony here: the small-minded, less intelligent Mothers criticizing the more intelligent one.

Did you mean "hurried" in the line "as they 'hared' across the deserted school yard"(?)Perhaps I'm missing something here...

Good thoughts about mis-judging a good Mother. Thought-provoking entry.
heehee. I didn't see exactly where you were going until the end with the temple there...then I realized who was who and what was going on! What a fresh POV on an old story. I liked this one with the mothers all talking while their own children had things that they should've looked after. lol. This was really good. ^_^
I picked up on your retelling of the bible story with the part about the angels. So clever and creative. Keep up the good words.
I adore your style. Wonderful. So many gold nuggets in there. And I think your use of the verb "hared" meant he ran like a rabbit. Am I correct?
Very creative-- and I definitely picked up on "where you were going" in bits and pieces, but wasn't certain until almost the end.

A bit of work on punctuation will help this.

Great job with the women especially. It's sad how often things like this happen.
Unique and "out of the box" I believe they call it. Great job of creativity, and kept the reader wondering where this was going? Very well written, but got a little bogged down with too much conversation...but that's just my severe attention span disorder that is not normal. Good Title, nice write, and engaging read. Nicely done!