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Another day .... Same old, same old ... It's good to know sometimes routines have a reward. God bless you.
A very sweet and precious slice of life.

Watch your punctuation a bit, and think about a way to introduce a bit of conflict, to pull your readers along.

I still haven't caught up from Daylight Saving Time last week...
I like this little "slice of life" - I was right there. I would have loved more details. A delightful little piece. Thanks for sharing it.
Earthy and warm writing. You captured the weariness of your character and his sensations of God lifting him very plainly, yet beautifully.
I liked the 218 million cats (give or take a million) and the thousand years ago in the Marine Corps; obviously a bit of an "embellisher" when it comes to details, right? Neat story, down to earth and understood by even the most common of mine. (Unlike a poetic form I just read that I could not make heads or tails of) Nice Job!