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It's a good feeling to bare your soul. Thanks for sharing.
chris x
it's bold. It's aggressive. And, it's honest. I think there was a bit to much use of slang/vernacular, though.
Wow. This is a wonderful confession of humaness.

It's a bit blunt (which I feel you intended), but a bit too blunt for me. A little softer tone would be more appealing. You could do this without losing the message.

Good job.
WOW...this is a powerful piece! You depicted fear, and openly acknowledged you acquaitance with it. And your scripture supported your observation of being human. I think your piece is most appropiate in a men's magazine, written for men.
Here goes...They call it too blunt, too aggressive, too bold, too much slang used and more appropriate for men and much too honest. I'd much prefer the above to beating around the bush and walking on eggshells; What a pleasant relief to have somebody TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. Forget the political correctness - we're talking human failings here, a.k.a. SIN. And, FW is co-ed...Men as well as women. So, Go, Man, Go! and God be with you. Kudos!