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This leaves me feeling like there is a lot of confusion still in the mc's life. I really hope this is not a true account.
Well I'm confused after reading your article. The first sentence said "you met a strange and charming man" Was he strange because he was the first man that treated you decent?" Didn't get the title either. Is dad in the gap until the real man for the MC shows up? As I said, I'm confused. To Freudian for me.
Not sure I fully understand your story, but I encourage you to talk to your pastor, if this story is real, before making any more decisions about your marriage!
I can relate a lot to this article. What "writer" is missing is time to slow right down and get wisdom. It's found in scripture and covers every part of living. Perhaps the following chapters might tell the story of how this happens?
I like your writing style. You create an open dialogue that's easy to follow and keeps the readers interest.
Good job.
Like changing diapers? Surely, you jest. But, yes lots of real men change them.

After that, it's very real, and very open. Heart touching, as well.
I could be wrong, but, methinks this is a true story of perhaps one of your daughters...and her sad tale of woe, when it comes to choosing a husband; and all little girls have a crush on their daddy's (I know) and grow up searcing for a duplicate - but never find one! They always fall short, somehow. Good job, my friend!
Pauly, I just put (my name) in the Address Bar - out of curiosity; and you'll never believe what popped up? THIS, your story!! with my comment! Amazing, eh? Anyway, I reread this and again...Love your style of writing. Great writer Pauly, don't give up the talent that's within you. Semper Fi