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Great advice in witnessing! I think young adutls and teens would appreciate this as well. I went to a Christian college and saw others turned off by pushy Christians often. Thanks!
Very good advice here for teens who are trying to "win the world".
Great intro - it definitely grabbed my attention. And the details and info kept me interested. Very nice!
Your article would target a specific teen group quite effectively. Only one piece of advice I would add to the list you made, "Beware of making someone feel they are your pet project: the person must know you truly care about them long-term and won't just disappear if there is no visible response to your efforts at evangelizing.
Great advice to teens and adults alike. I've been on the receiving end of the assault-style witnessing technique and it feels like you're trapped, even if you're a Christian! Great article.
This is interesting, concise and relevent. Just what a teen is looking for. Great job