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This was just fun all the way around! Good job.
Isn't embarrasing our kids by just being ourselves the best fun in the world. Great article.
Keep Singing...

Sing at the top of your voice!

I read a story from a man that I respect. His name is Robert Fulgham. In his story he said that when you interview children and you ask them to do something creative like sing or draw, they are FEARLESS.

When you ask Middle Schoolers to perform the same task, about fifty percent back out.

High Schoolers are worse with a rating of about 75 percent backing out.

By the time you get to college and beyond, NOBODY wants to be creative in public. They just don't think that they can DO it.


This was really cute! I liked how you started with the lively dialogue. The sweatshirt sounds like a perfect gift for your daughter. I enjoyed reading this. You reminded me of a friend of mine who caught me off guard once when she burst out singing in a store. If you would like a couple of suggestions, feel free to send a PM.
What loving controversy here. Fun read.
This is really nice, even down to corrupting your grandson. Music thrills the soul and singing along with the music just releases pent-up emotions. I have a problem controlling myself singing and dancing when I hear music I love, so I understand your response to music.
I am not embarrassed by you singing. I don't recall ever being embarrassed. Perhaps I was as a teenager. I think it's a little funny that you and Aunt Peggy do it. And a little scary that you know the words to the elevator music......all of it!

I however do now occasionally find myself singing or humming along with the songs in stores.

Thank's for the legacy.

It is a good story though.