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A very interesting and well-written piece. A different perspective; it is a different but wonderful way to view the way that our Parent expresses love for us. Good job.
I liked the different take on the topic. Hands tell so much about someone and Jesus's hands tell about his sacrifice. I could see the father in my mind. Good image to look at! Nice story!
This is just WONDERFUL. You did an amazing job of describing and setting a perfect scene for this. This was quite tactile and visual. I can't say enough about this.
Beautiful writing, very skilfully woven and creaticely devised. One minor point - I don't think you needed to labour the word 'parent' so much -'Father' would do, and I think would have read easier. The topic needs to be clearly in the writing, but not necessarily (imo)the word itself. Great stuff.
Excellent take on the subject of Parent - I do agree that "father" or "dad" would suffice instead of "parent" since we did know which parent was referred to. Also - does not distract from your story at all, but just a technical point - a blank space between the paragraphs makes it easier on the reader.

Loved your story!!! Great mind picture of the parent's hands.
Wayne, this is really beautiful. What a creative take on this subject. Wow!