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This is so true.We are put here for such a time as this.We have got to be tending the fields and not just resting under the shade tree with a glass of pink lemonade.
Thanks for this great article to remind us to continue doing the work needed in areas of witnessing - especially right here at home the great US of A.
You have stated it well: we need to be a sermon WALKING. Jesus never stops, so why should we? There is enough work for everyone. Some people say, "Witnessing is just not my gift." Well, I don't recall the end of Matthew saying, "Go unto all the world, if that's your gift" you? Thanks for the gentle prodding.
Marilee, You have filled my heart with encouragement. There is no greater purpose for us than to spread the great news of the hope of Jesus Christ and His saving grace. Your words are well taken. Thank you so very much and may God bless you tremendously. Love in Christ,
Maryolyn Payne
One small detail: You said: "All of us are obviously not called to be missionaries, but we are called. " You are half right - we are all called, but we all missionaries too! As one of the foreign variety of missionaries, I say "amen" to your heart as you have expressed it. Good work.
Your passion for the subject was evident in your writing. Good job in ministering what was on your heart.
God Bless.
Great! Send me, should be our reply, just like it was with Isaiah. There is so much that needs to be done.

You did a very good job with this. Very effective call to work in the harvest fields.

Keep writing and sharing.