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Very enjoyable! Married folks will relate---hopefully younger ones will learn! I like the 'choice'. True.
Too funny! Very good write - I can relate to all of it! With three young married daughters that compete for the "Drama Queen" title. Thanks for the chuckle. In Christ's Love,

It's always the things we can relate to the most that are the funniest. Thank you for telling your story. I laughed out loud. One thing I cannot fathom, however, how could she possible throw food at you while you were in uniform?? Seeing my husband in his uniform melts me every time. God bless and thank you for serving.
Funny, well done. I really enjoyed reading this.
Nicely done. I chuckled all the way to the end. You kept me reading and that is important in any article be it serious or funny. Don't stop writing.
Ho, ho, tee-hee, and chuckle, chuckle. Great stuff! Love your laid-back style, easy going chat, and common sense writing. Never tire of reading your work. (don't think I'd have the guts to throw food at my USMC Sgt. husband...Not quite sure what would have happened?) Enjoyable read. Kudos!
Hey, Paul! Marilyn turned me on to your humorous writing. Count me a fan! I'm going to be reading a lot more of your work. My favorite style is humor, as well. We've got to stick together, right? You've got talent! I look forward to more Paul Potenza in my future. Keep up the good work! I'll be singing your praises on the Writing Challenge website, too. You're too good not to share, so get ready. You may have more comments in your future!