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Intense. Engaging. Nicely done.
Wow. This is powerful. Well done.
This was my personal favorite for last week's entries. I read them all, and although this entry isn't the best written, I believe it holds the most power and communicates the topic incredibly. A few things that let your story down were some grammer errors. I say "let down" because I truly believe that this is a gem. Also, your beginning sentances were unclear. You began with As..., yet you didn't conclude your sentances properly. I'm only being hard on you because you are NOT beginner material. You'll be in Advanced in the next few weeks. You have a very engaging writing style and I read this story over six times last week. It moved me. Actually, it moved me to tears. Oh, one more thing. I know you were going for shock effect with writing in the first person, but it makes a much more enjoyable read if you write and "show" not "tell." If you have nay questions regarding anything I wrote, please feel free to pm me. Once again, I loved this. You have so much talent.This is a story I wish I wrote. Great Job!
oh, I mean that you started with "All." I also re-read my comments on your story and please hear my praise for this story. IT"S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
Using first-person was a brilliant, creative choice. Great work, Sam. This is an intense, powerful, awesome piece of writing!
Sam, look for this powerful piece of writing to appear in the Faith Writers Front Page Showcase for the week of July 31. Well done!
Wonderful, just wonderful. Everyone should read this. If you like to read one of mine I will post it tonite it is called Jesus will always love you.........similar theme, I wrote it a while ago. God bless Trudy
Great piece of writing. It stands out in a class of its own as its powerful images grip the reader. I'm so glad I read it.
this was really interesting. i have never read anything from the devils point of view. it was quite powerful. God bless