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Nice job of writing here--just enough gentle humor to make the situation bearable.
Oh I know how THAT is... :P Well, not totally, but close.

Only one thing that I really noticed: note in the first paragraph er so should read not.

I loved the comparison of your m-i-l to Martha & Betty! Well done!
Good article with just a touch of humour to add to its interest. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He knew with Matthew off to work you would have needed some help.
I felt this situation deeply as a mother of four sons. I loved the comparison of Mother in law to Betty! Very well done!
Been many years...but I remember the first day my husband left me alone with our first baby. When he came home that afternoon, both mommy and baby were on the living room floor in tears. Oh, the memories.
Some really good stuff here! I can't even imagine having to handle multiples -I had a hard enough time adjusting to one at a time (after c-sections both times). A few typo/word booboos (things like note/not that a spell checker won't find), but a great story. It's a good idea to have a fresh pair of eyes proof read (I like to read mine out loud). I loved this line - “Oh, no need to call first really.”