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Can't wait to see the dandelion to tell him thanks. Good concept. A bit flowery (forgive my choice of words) in some of the descriptions for my tastes. Flowed well.
I think I'd have prefered this without the dandelion actually talking. Could you have learned the lesson by observing the dandelion, and by God speaking to your heart? Just seemed a bit "gimmick-y", although the lesson was very profound and true.
Very descriptive..perhaps a little overdone in such a short piece. The message was great.
I like the talking flowers, wonderful idea; I have a couple of talking tulips in my entry. Your story is terrific. I guess great minds think alike. Oops did I say that? Have a great day!
Hi, I think the talking dandelion actually got my attention! You made some great points. Thanks for sharing.
God bless ya,
Very, very, nice! I liked it, and I am hard to please.(smile). It had a very distinct message, and it was creative, well written and gave me something to think about. I too hung my hypocritical head in shame...we are all God's creations. Thank you for sharing something worth reading...and I read it twice! God Bless.
This is definitely a fresh prospective on the dandelion. I grew up chasing around with my brother trying to get the most dandelion heads before they were heads to blow the seeds when we put our collection together. Thanks for sharing.