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Nicely done. Insightful without being a browbeater. Good flow. Not sure if it's focus is spring, though.
You have painted an effective and realistic picture of our lives in Christ with this article. Good job!!
Very keen insight! I'm afraid I would identify with Cathy at this time of my life, but also with you. Nicely drawn parallels between a garden and life, the overgrown patches, the weeds, the flowers, and the bare earth. The last paragraph and second paragraph from the end are gems! Thank you for sharing!
I liked how you did the transfer, and your thoughts. I feel like I could relate to the variety. Thank you for your sharing. God bless ya, littlelight
I really liked your article. Inspired and thought provoking.
The "Kathy" and "John" paragraphs were so real and lively, that the "someone else" paragraph is a bit of a letdown. Maybe "someone else could have a name and a story, too?

I like the metaphor that you chose for yourself, though. Very realistic and teachable.
I couldn't believe I was reading in the Beginner's Level - as your writing is excellent; didn't catch any typos, goofs, or misspelled words; no grammar flaws...just perfect. I liked the story, and you did a great job describing your life as a garden. Very well done!
This was truly wonderful, and we had so many thoughts here tied into the one frame. Easy to digest, and read. Very good! God bless you, littlelight