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This is a well written article and carries a powerful message. You should do very well with this one!

God Bless!

Thanks so much for the compliment! This is very encouraging to me because it's the first challenge I've ever entered and I am totally new to Faithwriters. As well, I chose a 'risque' and controversial subject but one in which I wish to address and bring awareness to. I hope to do much more writing here in the future. Thanks again for your support! : )
You've nailed the topic completely with this well written and prolific message. Very authentic internal conflicting dialogue. Great job!

God bless~
This is a true to life situation for many who belong to Jesus except that some do not repent and desire to change.

The emotion put into the story is strong and compelling. This is a teaching story for each one. God always accepts repentance and confession of sin.

It is alway good to know that God forgives the sin but he does not erase the memory of sin. He lets us use this memory of sin to steer away from it when the next temptation comes.

Good writing.
This is a very interesting take on the topic, and it shed some light on a very real struggle that so many Christians face. I could feel the MC's inner conflict.

I would just advice that you use exclamation signs sparingly, and allow your words to evoke the desired feelings.

Overall, this is a very good read. It also ended on a positive note. Keep writing.
Your subject matter could not be any more powerful and very pertinent for today. Viewing pornography on the web is something many people, even some Christians struggle to overcome. The battle is waged in the mind. I counsel a fellow who was/is (??) addicted to internet porn. He came to me for help after seeing nude pics of his 22 yr old daughter on twitter. He was really traumatized. I almost used that story for my entry, but there was just too much emotion involved. Good work.
Congrats! God bless~
congrats! I knew you would do well with your article! Keep the good articles coming!

God Bless!
Thanks so much to everyone for their positive comments and encouragement! I'm really shocked to have placed 3rd for my first challenge entry ever but needless to say, I'm very happy! I'm excited to begin pursuing my writing more seriously and to participate in future challenges. Thanks again for your support! :)