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Nicely done mini memoir that fits the theme: Day's End for a life well spent. Enjoyed this piece.
Hidden emotions known only by those who have experienced it.

It was short but it told it all.

I like the ending where your husband would be experiencing new unexperienced emotions.
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Aww, this so touched my heart. Your emotions and love were palpable. Thank you for sharing this tribute to your husband, and a piece of your beautiful life together. And, Amen...he is in a glorious place where no doubt the Lord said, "well done my child, well done..."

God bless you~
The fact that this entry piece has only 4 paragraphs takes nothing away from its completedness. It's short, straight to the point, and on topic. Very well done. Keep writing.
The Lord is faithful indeed. Nicely done.
Tender and sweet--your words carried the same sense of serenity that was present in that room.

If you were to expand this, I'd love more details: the sights, sounds, and smells in the room, specific memories, the narrator's feelings as she sits in the room so full of life and death.

I feel like I am reading a page out of your life's journal; its honesty, unpretentiousness, simplicity, and brevity is beautiful to me. It connects with the reader and communicates the sense of loss you are about to experience in the setting. Thank you so much for sharing it.
Good Piece, I only hoped it would have been more.
Your story brought back memories of watching my mother in the ICU the last couple days of her life. You shared your heart in this piece and I appreciate that. As others have said, more descriptive writing could have had the reader in the room and in your mind. Thanks for Sharing this.
Nicely done. You conveyed so much in this brief article.