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Amen. Thanks for your entry. Good message and nicely done.

God bless~
Nicely done. I've noticed that it's a lot easier to just let my flesh react than to do the right thing. Developing the attitude you write about is a discipline against the works of the flesh, and well worth the pain to our flesh in the process of training us up in the way we should go. Keep writing!
This is a lovely mini sermon. You did a great job of backing up your points with the just right verses.

You may want to tighten up some of your sentences to avoid repetition. Ex: Jesus shows we honor God by giving our best efforts,even when we feel wronged. I also wished you had shared a bit more of your personal example. That would allow me greater insight and allow me to connect with the MC.

I so agree that TV can really harm people. One channel has the word family in it's name, but is anything but a family network. I use these shows that all the other kids get to watch as a way to get close to my kids. We watch them together and then discuss real life topics like sex, drugs,and peer pressure. You did a great job of writing on topic while delivering an important message.

I enjoyed reading your article, especially this comment:

"Stepping back from the situation and taking time to see who is causing the strife, gives us a different perspective. It takes listening with our hearts and remembering what God wants in our lives, to know how to respond correctly." Excellent!

I also agree that television today needs much improvement!

Thank you. God Bless!
Congrats! God Bless~
Yippee! Congrats on your well-earned H.C.! Have a double-scoop of triple-fudge at Leopold's to celebrate your success, Debbie! Then, wash your fingers and put them back on that computer keyboard for next week's work! Good job!