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Many readers will relate to this whether they will admit it or not.

Staying true to the Bible is our life time task.

Your acceptance of being different and feeling different about things in this life is a good example for us all.

"If heaven is not my home--, what good is earth?
I loved every word of this. Well written and a great reminder to us all, especially when going through a tough time because we feel different or are being treated differently. Thank you for the inspirational words.
Very enjoyable and a pleasure to read. Thank you. God blessz~
This is a lovely devotion. I like how you started by sharing your childhood experiences. I think many people can understand that misunderstood feeling.

The main red ink I would offer would be to go back and see how many times you used a version of the word school. You can fix it by combining sentences and using other words. For example: At this time of year, I see the yellow buses on the road, and I often reminisce about my educational experience. My stomach would do flip-flops when I wondered if I would fit in each year. I think most people yearn for a sense of belonging. Growing up in a military family, the new year often meant a different school, strange teachers, and no friends.
(I hope this shows you what I mean. It's not necessarily better than yours, but I hope it demonstrates my point. I also tried to get rid of the universal you and keep it in the first person because that makes it easier to for the reader to connect with your MC.)

You really did a grand job though. I often don't read titles, but yours grabbed my eyes and I immediately wanted to keep reading. Even though I grew up in a small town with the same kids in my class each year, I could still totally relate. The scriptures that you selected are a perfect fit for your message. That last line is powerful and one I need reminding of. I think I might copy it down and paste it on my fridge. Nicely done.
Your entry brought back memories of a move my family made when I was 12. You touched a lot of tender spots.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and for this interesting entry.