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I could not get a good sense of the time frame the story fits into. Did this all happen right after the honeymoon was over?

I may have missed the time signals.

To make your stories more readable, use two spaces between the paragraphs.

In a story like this, I would hope for a good ending.
This was/is based around memories of my marriage of 12 years.
This is a compelling story. You show a lot of courage in sharing this piece with virtual strangers. I believe God will use this to touch many hearts.

I usually try not to read the comments before I comment, but I did see it this time. I think part of the reason the first person struggled a bit was because you switched the tense around, sometimes using past, then slipping into present or past perfect. Try to stay consistent with the tense. Instead of saying something like: I would discover, keep it in the simple past: I discovered.
The other thing that might would be to tighten up some of your sentences. In the second paragraph, you could do that by changing it to something like this: Although we both realized there were problems in our relationship, I had believed that our bond still existed. One night, I spontaneously decided to stop and buy Naomi some flowers.
(That may not be perfect, but I hope it shows you what I mean.)

I think you managed to write a compelling story. It has several great messages in it, and different people will take away different things depending on their own needs. That shows the Holy Spirit was working in you when you wrote it. It's not always easy to be obedient to God, but you did that in this piece. I like how you were able to see God's hand in this difficult time in your life. If we allow him to, God can do wonderful things during the bumpy part of life. If you'd like more feedback, go to the forums and check out the brick-throwing link. It's a great way to get more people to read and comment on your piece. Here is the link:
Keep writing and reading other entries! :)