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Wow. What a neat little glimpse of Samson you showed there. I love that you chose that moment, the darkness before the storm, when his final prayer is answered there. I love all the little details you have poured into this, the description of the jasmine and then of the shackles, the fetters, the stubble growing through caked blood. Very realistic and very visual, for this piece. I can see what's happening.

It would help just a bit, if there were some speech tags, more "he said" so that we know whose POV we are in at all times, but I liked it just the same. It was vivid and fresh. Good job, great writing! This is one of my favorites this week. :)
I enjoyed this story. You did a nice job of painting a picture for the reader. It took me a minute to figure out who the MC was, perhaps if you just added a bit more details it might have clicked sooner for me. Plus I wanted to read more which is always a good sign. I think you Co Reed the topic all while delivering an important message. Good job.
This is descriptive and gripping. It gives Samson a very human quality that is quite believable. The punctuation needs a bit of polish, but nevertheless is well written. Good job.
Nice job with the topic. I enjoyed this piece very much. Thanks. God bless~