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This is a great testimonial. You did a nice job with this piece. I'm sure many people can totally relate.
You know what I really liked about this piece? It wasn't the way you told it--it was the truth you told. If I went back to dissect it from a textual point of view, I might be able to find different things that could be strengthened--maybe images that could be expanded or a few words here and there that could be changed for a more powerful impact . . .
BUT, in the end, the biggest reason we all write is to deliver a message. This piece spoke to me and presented a truth that resonates through me.
You know what that is? That's the Holy Spirit coming in and visiting you, the writer, and me, the reader. That's a blessing!
This is a great testimonial, which could reach others. Sharing with others is what we are called to do....
This is an article that many can learn from. If you are too busy doing everything else without God in your life, your life spins out of control. It is so good that you realized that you had to take a breather from the life you were experiencing to find time to experience what God can give you.