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Powerful imagery.
This is a powerful piece. I can sense all kinds of dark undertones that makes me want to reach through the screen and comfort the MC. You did a great job of allowing me to feel your pain. I wish there were a spark of hope in the message as well but I understand all too well how easy it is to get to such a place where hope seems like a curse word. The cry of your soul is so powerful that I have no doubt Jesus is right there next to the MC and often the MC may be unaware that Jesus is carrying him through the darkest of those times. you did a great job of eliciting such strong emotions in me. I'd urge you to keep writing, I think you might be surprised at what else you have to say.
Nicely done. Some parts of this compelling entry remind me of David crying out to the Lord in Psalms. Thank you. God bless~
@ All: Many thanks for your kind comments...
Although this entry dealt heavily on the dark side of the MC, your descriptive writing was not overlooked. I am concerned at your place in life and do pray that you are seeking the Lord to ease a heart that seems disgruntled. If that isn't the case, you have done an excellent job in conveying to the reader how one might look at the dark side of life. Excellent writing! You have a future in the writing field, I'm sure.