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Very good title, nearly jumped off the computer monitor...
Wing His Words!
This is a lovely take on the topic. You grabbed my interest right away. I have no doubt your words will touch many hearts. The only thing I might question is semantics but it does make a difference. Satan and his demons believe in Jesus as well as Muslims and Jews. The latter believe he was a good man and a powerful prophet. It's more than just believing in him but asking him into your heart and believing that he is the Son of God and develop a relationship with him. I know it's a slight difference but I just wanted to mention it. We talked about that at Bible study last night. It's wonderful how God reinforces these things in our lives. I often look at the stars and get goosebumps and wonder how anyone can look at the heavens and not believe in God. Nice job.
A lot of strong, powerful words in this entry; truth oozes through your words. Although I like your title very much and think that is the foundation for a good story, make sure you proof everything...defence and offence are both spelled incorrectly here (defense and offense). I'm as guilty as the next person as far as proofreading; but coming from a secretarial background, including the legal field where everything had to be perfect, I am extremely sensitive when it comes to proofreading. I think you did an excellent job in staying on target and your words of wisdom I'm sure will strike the hearts of many. Good writing!
Good entry. I love your message. It was powerful,yet subtle without being preachy. Nicely done.

God bless~