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Wow!!! This is one of your best yet! I loved how you compared your struggle with your dad's illness to external storms. Good descriptions. Cancer is terrible, but it was wonderful to see that faith in God brought you both peace. Great job you!
Good story and analogy. I enjoyed your writing. :o)
My favorite part is when you ask the Lord, "this is my bottle of tears, isn't it?" That really touched me. The words "cancer" and "hurricane" shouldn't be capitalized here. This is a wonderful memoir and tribute to your father.
How wonderful to see the purpose behind the rain and the peace behind the moment of death. This story was very touching.
Thanks for sharing the difficult time of your dad's passing. I've had several family members die from cancer, and it is a tremendous test of our faith!
A beautiful comparison between your pain and physical rainstorms. (But I think you meant "gesture of love", not jester.) :-)
Sharing our experiences with others through the written word encourages others in their faith. You've done this very well. Very touching.
You've captured well the emotions of facing such heart rending loss.
Very nicely done
This one made me want to cry! Too often storms blow into our lives, creating havoc, and just as quickly as they came, they depart, leaving the wreckage behind.
I really enjoyed this!
I love your title, and the way that you integrated the storms of life and the weather. Your testimony of God's care is touching. Well done!