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Thank God for EE-ES-O! I really like this story. God bless you.
This is really clever. You definitely have an awesome imagination. I liked how you turned a sci-fi story into a spiritual message. It really drove the point home.

Although you used the word blog and a computer I'm not sure you actually nailed the topic but I give you extra points for creativity.

Be careful with your sentence structures. One paragraph in the middle wasn't a complete sentence.

This was a fun read and made me smile.
I can appreciate what you tried to convey here...good imagery...God bless you in your writing...
A very imaginative story with a great start. I understand the analogy in your final paragraphs, but it was somewhat of a strain to make the connection from the way you developed it.

Give more attention to grammar issues - appropriate use of commas, etc.

You had a lot of action here. Overall, a very creative piece.
This was so imaginative and you gave us a fresh prospective on "blogging." I really liked it.
God Bless~
Great imagination. I bet it gets you in trouble sometimes:)
Probably too 'out there' for some, but I enjoyed it a lot. I did feel the transition to the 'lesson' was underdeveloped and thus felt a bit rough. Keep writing and improving in the boring stuff like grammar and such.
Great job. Some of us like the writings that have forgotten the grammer and have a message from the heart!