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What a touching poem, and a true diamond among all the tear-jerkers I've been reading. I like the positive ending, watching and clinging to the promises while waiting for the prodigal to return.
So heartbreaking and beautiful. The cadence is well-done and the hopefulness of the poem is wonderful.
Wow...Beautifully written and powerfully invoking! God Bless~
This is a lovely bittersweet piece. It tore at my heart. It is so hard when our kids are hurting and we can't fix it.

In the 4th stanza it should be its instead of it's.

You did a great job with the rhyme and rhythm.It flows easily off the tongue. I hope your son gets to read this someday.
You have expresssed such deep heartache and strong faith in this entry, without becoming mawkish or super pious. A beautiful and credible balance; so well-expressed.
I read this with tears. I was once that prodigal. How my mother must have wept many times for me! Yet she never stopped praying and never gave up hope.

I can assure you, when the prodigal does return to God, from that moment on, her or his belief is more firmly grounded than if she or he had never run away. It is the awesome blessing of returning. While those who grew up in the church and have never run from God sometimes falter as adults, and sometimes question their faith, the returned prodigals usually DO NOT.
An emotional, heartbreaking piece. Your pain and your faith are evident. Don't give up; keep praying.
Congratulations for ranking 7th in level one.