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If this is a true story, it really is amazing. If not, then you sure do have an incredible imagination. Love the ending.
Wow...There are some powerful stories in this category this week, and this is one of them! I really enjoyed it, and was tense praying for a good ending. Nice job. God Bless you~
A terrifying story. I admit that I had a hard time following the ending, but with no names and only pronouns I couldn't tell who was doing what. Otherwise a very powerful piece.
Oh wow. Good job telling this story. I'd love to know what made the man stop.

I was a bit confused about the other two girls. Were they walking the opposite direction? Had they encountered the man too?

You did a good job keeping the suspense in this story. I'm sure this was hard for you to tell again, but you did a great job.
Wow what a story. I can't imagine the fear you must have gone through.You did a nice job writing this and you really touched by heart.
This story was very well told; you did a great job of showing and not telling. Thank you for sharing this ordeal. Keep writing!
Great writing that tosses us into the scene with your MC. The energy and emotion; the sights and sounds are so credible. Should rate well,I hope.
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level one.