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Okay.... strange! The dream is very "dream-like", everything changing and seeming to mean something. I know this is supposed to be an allegory, but I don't think I understand the meaning.
Let me attempt to limit myself to reviewing this piece of writing despite how saddening it is to see such a comment above on a Christian website. If somebody posts on this website it's extremely likely that they are a child of God, that they have a deposit of faith, that in some way Christ Himself is present in them and revealing Himself in and through them. Oh to be able to see Him!

Just as there are good writers and bad writers, there are also good readers and bad readers. Good readers will read a story time and time again, understanding that "the tingle in the spine really tells you what the author felt and wished you to feel"; or there are those readers who will throw their hands up in the air, dismiss a well written piece as allegory, refusing to take the time to understand or interpret.

So I don't see the story as allegory, but as something which betrays talent, which deserves the trouble taken to read it, to read it properly. Maybe you can read it as a man struggling with ambition; maybe as a man struggling with the desire to fulfil all he is meant to; read it as a man escaping through the flames; or instead relate it to yourself: feel yourself "on the verge of some great though there resided in [your] body a great many insects that scurried and scuttled under the surface of [your] skin...whispering, muttering, beetling, beetling". Faced with Christ, I don't want to throw up my arms, say I don't understand and turn away; I'd prefer instead to attempt to understand something of what He might be saying...
I really loved this piece. Beautifully written, with wonderful imagery and symbolism. This is my favourite in this section. Excellent writing :)