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Pray fervantly for his salvation and maybe you will :)
Don't lose heart. God is faithful and He will give us the desires of our heart. I hope you find your dad and that you have a happy reunion. It is possible. Thank you for sharing your heart.
Like the speaker in this writing, I can't remember looking into my father's face, but oh, the blessing of seeing ourselves in the eyes of our heavenly father! Thank you for this heart-felt essay. Blessings to you!
Seek to know your Father in Heaven with all of your heart and you will find the fulfillment your heart longs for. Sometimes knowing your father isn't the greatest thing in the world unfortunately. Some of us have to work really hard at forgiving the things our fathers who were there did to us, and ask God to give us understanding as to why they did those hurtful, abusive things. I know this doesn't make your longing easier to deal with, but finding your heart secure in God will.
Your entry is honest and heartbreaking to read. You know, you do look like your Father, we are all made in His one looks better than that! I recommend that you read an entry in advanced section, "From Orphan to Princess." She experienced something similiar, and resolved her feelings in Christ.
Don't give up; pray that when the time is right, God will reveal your father to you. The line about being the only one in the family that didn't look like someone else reminded me of my teen years. I didn't think I looked much like my mother or father, and I wondered where I got my reddish hair and green eyes. I really liked that line...many teens struggle with a sense of belonging and identity. This could be expanded with a little more examination of your feelings, maybe a little dialogue between you, your mother, and your stepfather. Could make a good magazine article about the search for biological parents.
Don't give up looking for your father, and don't give up praying that God will reveal his identity when the time is right. I liked the line about being the only one that didn't look like someone else. When I was a teen I wondered who in the family had red hair and green eyes. I sometimes wondered if I was adopted, but my birth certificate tells me differently. Maybe every teen goes through a period of searching for identity and belonging. Your piece could be expanded by examining more descriptively your feelings and perhaps adding some dialogue between yourself, your mother, and your stepfather. I can see this as a personal interest magazine article.
I started to go on reading other articles without leaving a comment but I couldn't. I'm just not sure what to say...

I guess I'll just say...


Thank you for sharing this with us.