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What a chuckle there...trying to strangle a rubber chicken! I liked the explanation of a 'jake brake' never even knew that existed! Nice job with the humor.

My only note is "in-counters " is spelled "encounters" Otherwise, really great job! ^_^
Good story. It was well-paced and depicted a clear picture of your "comedian" brother. Made me laugh. I think rubber chickens are funny in any setting, even in NYC, where I'm from. Nice job.
I can see it. You did a great job leading up to the strangling.

The endearments at the end are wonderful too.

Keep up the good words.
Great story...saw one grammatical error on using the word "new" for the word "knew", but this was delightful.
Enjoyable and funny! Liked the ending, too. Did notice some typos, though.

Keep up the writing!