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I enjoyed reading your story. I especially liked the old man in the park- great lesson.
This was great! I loved the idea of a 'do-over'! You made it so real and especially with the old man in the park. I liked that, it was great to see how something so simple (the encounter) changed the MC's perspective. Nice! ^_^
Very nice story. I loved the little old man. Isn't that just how it is with the elderly sometimes? They sometimes slip in at an inconvenient time and leave us with a beautiful nugget we didn't know we needed. Good job!
Great dialogue. Very enjoyable. I love the 'do-over' idea too!
One of my favorite stories in beginners this week! I think I'm going to add this one to my favorites list, because I really enjoyed the dialogue and overall story. I don't think that you will be in beginners for long. :)

Thank you for sharing!
"Angel unawares" came to mind when the elderly man came into the picture. Well written dialogue. Good work.
The "do-over" lesson is really great.

I had to read this several times to get the characters straight in my head. Maybe it would have helped me if you'd given the new grandmother a name. I kept getting her and her daughter mixed up, and not quite understanding the timeline.

Once everthing straightened itself out, I was able to really appreciate the story's wisdom.
Old men on benches are wonderful characters and I loved your, please keep writing.
Congratulations, Ebony, on placing 9th in your level with this piece. Great work!