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Nice title, and good characterization of Granny.

There are some grammar errors to be edited: some incorrect tenses jumped out at me, and a few awkward sentences.

I love the story about Cooke--how marvelous!
This really stuck a cord as my grandparents on both sides sent their sons to WWII, all within months of each other. What a great story of a woman's walk with her God and her open heart to Him. Thanks for sharing.

Wow... what a story. I know this is a wonderful tribute to a Godly woman who made a huge difference in the lives of those who loved her. You told the story well and brought me there with you. I feel like I know her.
Wow, I feel like this is a true story, either way you are blessed, thanks for a wnderful story.
In a few words, you really brought your family to life; especially the Godly character of your grandmother. As Jan suggested, a little polishing here and there will make this shine! It's worth it to do that, too, because this is very good and quite a miraculous testimony!
It's great that God gave your grandmother insight into the problem that was going on. I'm sure her prayers helped bring her son home alive.

Thank you for sharing this story. I enjoyed it. :)
Your beloved Granny was a very strong woman. I was so relieved to read that none of her sons were lost in the war...perhaps it was her "heart whispers" that kept them all safe. Nice story.
Congratulations, Marsha, on placing 13th in your level with this piece. Great work!