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This was a very good story! I like the the adults were corrected by the daughter:) Well, unless my kids are the ones correcting me anyway! I think you might be off-topic, though. We are supposed to be writing about how bad company does reflect bad on us. Well, maybe you're not off-topic. I can kind of see it that way, too. Now I'm confused so just take whatever you want out of this:) Just know that you did a good job. There were some minor typos. Good writing!
Good writing! I think this is anti-topic though - it seems to illustrate the opposite of the proverb. The only thing I noticed was that you switched POV from one character to another and then back to the original. That's not hard to do, but it's something you'll want to watch. Keep up the good work!
I thought it was on topic, but that the gossipers were the ones off topic. I enjoyed this story very much. It had a great take away, characterizations, dialog, it was very well done. Keep writing, you have a gift.
Looking at my comment I better clarify---the gossipers were the misguided ones in the story!
I believe your "take" on the saying was that people aren't always correct in thinking we are like the company we keep. It's a good lesson for Christians, and I really liked your story.