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There is at least one house in each city like the one you have described. I like how you told us about the person he used to be and what he became. Keep on writing!
Yes, there's a home like that where I grew up, too!

I had a hard time seeing the connection to the proverb for this week.

You did a great job at helping your reader to visualize the setting. Well done.
You have some very good imagery here, the contrasting descriptions. Pieces that brought it to life for me, was when others would use his place as a landmark and say "past the metal sculpture garden" very, very descriptive! I like that, it helped me to see it all in my mind and made it more real for me that way. Good writing. ^_^
I was intrigued by your title, and loved the article attached to it. Some great descriptive writing. I was a bit distracted by the repeated 'I'm wondering' at the beginning, but only because I kept hearing Andy Rooney in my head. Perhaps just have her ask herself questions instead? I'm glad I kept reading because I really enjoyed this piece.

I'm pondering the topic - treasure can be found where we least expect it, if only we look for it and recognize it? In other words, gold doesn't always glitter? PM me if I'm way off. :D Cat