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Enjoyed it.
I've never rock climbed, but I could feel the tension.
I liked the part where Liza fixes the towel that is about to fall off the counter..symbolic of her friend?
Good writing.
This is very well-written. You provide excellent suspense at the beginning, the reader wondering what is going on. Then after we figure out it is a rock climbing adventure, the suspense continues in a different way. Excellent. Your title is superb, your grammar and structure is well done.
I really like this. You say a lot in a few words. Excellent way of creating conflict and introducing questions that the reader can also wrestle with for themselves, with no easy answers. You make the reader think. Great take on the topic. The only suggestion would be maybe to add the word "really" in front of lost in the last line - (or something to that effect) - to emphasize the point, but that's purely opinion. Excellent writing!
The suspense really drew me along.
I did have to read it a couple of times to sort out the characters, and never did get a solid picture of the opening sceen, and just what roles the three girls played in handling Josie's rope. One thing I have to watch out for is presuming that my reader knows what I am thinking.
Too bad there weren't enough words left to share Sara's and Josie's afterthoughts.
Fantastic. I had to read the beginning a couple of times to figure out where they were on the cliff - then I got it. I like how you reflected on the girls' thoughts - the quietness of the ride home and later that night. Also wish I could have known what Josie was thinking later. You left the reader wanting more - and that's cool.
I wished I could have known Josie's thoughts at the end too. The questions and thoughts each girl had were so haunting. Great writing!