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A good cautionary tale.

The formatting was a bit distracting--what usually works is to type single-spaced with no indents and no "enters" except to start a new paragraph (like this yellow box is.)

It's amazing how the tone for one's adulthood can be set even as a toddler!
Oh, dear. I could see trouble coming, but not that serious! A sad, but probably all-to-true story. It seems you had a problem with your line breaks, and I saw a few small grammar errors or typos, but your story carries a great message about giving in to our children just to save a hassle. I like the hope at the ending when she finally turned to God. Good job.
Sad story...sadder yet because we know this happens often!
The ending would have been stronger if you stopped after the line, "I'm sorry, Samuel."
Good job...keep writing.
What a heartbreaking take on this weeks topic. Those early years are so important.Thank you for reminding me why I have to sometimes say no when yes is so much easier.I bet you wish you could go back in time and hit that preview button.
This is a very good illustration of what can happen when a "little" problem is ignored. Your writing is easy to read, and the dialogue seemed real. Nice job with the topic.
This story was right on topic and so very true! We see this so much today. The format was a little jerky and there were some typos. You needed smoother transitions between the years. Keep up the good work!
Hmmm, what an eye-opener, to see what the little choices have to do with the whole person years from that day. I didn't expect him to be all into drugs, but sadly it turned out that way. I feel for his mother Julie, you did a great job with both characters. I think the spacing got a little mixed up, next time just hit enter for a new paragraph

like that.
Otherwise, great job! ^_^
Totally realistic story, it's almost exactly the tale of someone I know. Sad. I'm sure someone warned the mom along the way, but it's like a snowball; it travels fast and gets larger, almost impossible to handle at a certain point. Great application of the proverb!
A cautionary tale for sure. I needed to read this today. Thank you.
I liked the hope you offered at the end of your sad story of what happens when requiring obedience is not the first step in teaching a child.
This was a great "cautionary tale" as others have mentioned and carries a lot of weight with you writing style. Aside for the formatting it was well-paced and delivered. You might consider leaving out the title in the body and at the very beginning of your article. This will help to cut down on the word count. Great job.
Lessons Learned by both the parent and the child! This one reads like a skit for church--excellent writing!