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Good word of exhortation.

I got a bit lost here; it seemed to lack focus. You used quite a bit of "Christianese"--words and phrases that are very familiar to Christians, but may be glossed over because we have read and heard them so many times before. Seek out fresh ways to express these timeless truths.
Well spoken! Your message was clearly stated and so true! I'm not sure the last paragraph is necessary. It took away the "punch" of the previous sentence.
Well written.
I liked your entry. It was very passionate and encouragning. The only suggestions I would make would be what has already been stated. You write well and have great potential. Keep writing.
Ahhh, what a breath of fresh air it was to see someone ask the same things I ask. I don't see much of Jesus in those claiming to love Him. I appreciate your words here.
Congratulations, Sherry, on placing 12th in your level. Great job!