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Very cute story.

A second edit might catch a few errors--missing words, punctuation errors, etc. And I'm thinking that these kids talk a bit "older" than 1st graders. Easy to fix...

It is for this precise reason that I don't teach Sunday School, never have. I could really relate to your poor protagonist!
What a wonderful class! A very apt description of a Sunday School teacher's first day fears and insecurities. Hope you have more stories which keep us in touch with this group of kids. :)
This was very cute. Had me giggling!
I agree with Jan's points but you also has me laughing to tears by I got to the end. It was a brilliant read for me and I needed this laugh. Maybe I relate more to the scene because of my years in that environment. They really are a blessing but they do come to teach us so many things including PATIENCE. Well done!
A famous expert in child psychology (Art Linklater, by name) said "Kids do say the darndest things." Don't they though? It's no easy task and the Sunday Super Superintendent needs to divide the class or get the this teacher an assistant. It would save wear and tear on the SS staff. Great story.