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Wonderful story. We can all learn from Paul. It's hard to understand our trials sometimes, but Jesus never leaves us alone in them.
I love the idea of having a contemporary woman conversing with Paul about their "thorns." Very creative.

I was confused a bit at the beginning, though, and it took me several paragraphs to figure out what was going on. And I'd strongly encourage you to avoid the "dream" scenario; there are far more creative ways to resolve a story.

Your writing is quirky and interesting, and this piece is definitely worth a second look.
I enjoyed your story - the perspective became confused between the beginning and the end; be careful with that. Nice job.
This was nicely done- I have wondered about Paul's thorn too, the big theologian guys often say it was a physical ailment, but I wonder if you might be closer to the truth.
I also liked how you pointed out that we usually look at our afflictions as if they are from the devil. But what if they are from God? Are we going to whine and complain before the One who asked us to do this work for Him?
Thank's for your thoughts...
This is very real and well told. I love the last line; that is one that many of us can relate to. I enjoyed how Dawn learned from Paul, and wondered if her name is meant to be symbolic. Either way, it is a good story.
I understood the scenario and think it very creative. However, switching from first person point of view to third person caught me off guard. It distracted me from the rest of your work which, up until that point, had be wrapped up completely in your story.
Your piece was able to take a common Biblical passage and personalize it in way to minister to many hearts. I know that there is not a one of us who could not relate to "The Thorn." Good job!